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Meet the Right2Grow team

Dedicated professionals from our partners collaborate with communities and governments. The country team leaders are presented below.

Our team in the countries

Iqbal Azad

'Preventing undernutrition, establishing good governance and public-private partnership are the key to unlock the potential of healthy children and a thriving society.'

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Burkina Faso

Orkiatou Zampou

'It is time for the communities, especially the most vulnerable, to take charge of their own destiny.'

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Debelle Jebessa

'Let’s build back better through jointly challenging existing systems and strengthening advocacy platforms for integration of nutrition and WASH programming.'

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Ibrahima Dembele

"For a community (men, women, children) that is fulfilled, let's work to make them agents of change; Together, let's act for a healthy and inclusive future."

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South Sudan

Joyce Akandu

'We're here for a reason, so let’s embrace the strength of togetherness to achieve it.'

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Alice Yayeri

'I am passionate about public health and nutrition promotion and I am thrilled to be a part of the Right2Grow family that advocates for and with communities for a Malnutrition free Uganda!'

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Our global team

Right2Grow taps from the wealth of expertise from all global partners to support the country teams. Below are some of the key global roles.

Global Partnership Facilitator

Eliane Vrolings

'Community leadership and collaborative action across sectors, organizations and nations is key to enhance access to nutritious food and WASH services for all families in a sustainable way.'

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Partnership Co-facilitator

Paul Gabula

'We will challenge ourselves so that the foundation to success is mutual respect, accountability, good leadership and governance; this will propel this partnership to success.'

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Budget Monitoring & Expenditure Tracking

Nhlanhla Ndlovu

'Meaningful involvement in policy agenda and financing decisions is key to wellbeing and sustainable development.'

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Regional Advocacy Liaison

Theodros Girma

'It is a privilege to be a part of the effort to bridge marginalized voices with decision-makers at local, regional, and global levels. By doing so, we can help empower local communities to take action to improve their own health and well-being.'

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Dutch Lobby & Advocacy

Laurien de Vos

'From local to international - influencing decision-making processes to achieve better nutritional status and WASH practices of communities on the ground.'

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Ousmane Maiga

'It is time to stimulate a new dynamic of change based on the sharing of know-how between development actors for sharing leadership and sustainable results.'

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Mutual Capacity Development

Jovana Dodos Jovanovic

'Let's harness different expertise, knowledge and skills to make the voice of people heard!'

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Linking & Learning

Stephanie Stern

'Let’s pause, reflect, learn and adapt our practices to make the difference.'

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Global Monitoring & Evaluation

Stephen Otieno

'Enhancing evidence use in policy and decision making for improving global child nutrition outcomes with better water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) interventions'

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Global Communications

Violah Nayebare

"Let's empower local communities, so they can tell their own stories in a professional and impactful way"

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Global Communications Coordinator

Lotte Senior

Amplifying marginlised voices is the 'raison d'etre' of Right2Grow. Let's tell those stories for an empowered and well-nourished society of tomorrow

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Our global partners
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