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Amplifying marginalised voices

Getting to zero undernutrition and zero people without access to basic WASH services requires a people-centred and community-led approach, with stronger emphasis on the most vulnerable and difficult to reach.

Despite great progress over the past decades, almost 200 million children under five years old still suffer from stunting, wasting, or both, and over 340 million from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Moreover, 785 million people lack even basic drinking-water services, while 2 billion people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines. Women are disproportionately affected and burdened by the undernutrition of their children. COVID-19 and climate change further aggravate this situation. In July 2021, a multi-agency report of the United Nations estimated that around a tenth of the global population - up to 811 million people - were undernourished in 2020/2021. Much of it is likely related to the fallout of COVID-19.

Bridging gaps

We see a world full of great intentions, expertise, and wealth, which does not live up to its promises and potential. At the same time, we also see strong women, men, and children in affected communities ready to voice their needs, and ready to contribute their own part of the solution. Right2Grow will bridge the gap between these powerful women, men, and children and the leaders, experts, and technocrats who seek to support them. A stronger emphasis lies on the most vulnerable, marginalised, and difficult to reach. Women, for example, play a pivotal role in the nutritional health and access to clean water for their households. Therefore, they need to be full partners at the table.

We see a world full of strong women, men, and children in affected communities ready to voice their needs

Connecting realities

The voices of local communities should be heard and represented by legitimate local civil society organisations. These local realities need to be connected to the national and international dialogues where policies are made and resources allocated. Multi-sectoral interventions are essential to address each of the underlying causes of undernutrition, for example by improved coordination between public authorities at national and local levels. Visibility about where public investments are being made and monitoring government commitments is a crucial first step in engaging across sectors.

Shift the Power

Right2Grow is not only empowering communities and their organisations to get marginalised voices heard for better nutrition- the partnership also wants to create more equality in how we jointly develop and implement programmes. In the past, top-down approaches in development have put power in the hands of donors and international organisations. Right2Grow works to shift this power and focuses on active participation of all the partners in decisions about the programme.

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Strengthening local voices

Right2Grow believes that sustainable progress can only be achieved by working with local communities, especially women and other marginalised groups. Therefore, we invest in communities, community-based organisations, and civil society organisations to collect their own data and stories on nutrition and WASH. We help them hold their nearest relevant government officials to account for what is needed, planned, and (often not) delivered. We help build those stories into strong evidence to convince national and international leaders and officials to make better choices. Read partner stories

Strengthening partnerships

Right2Grow strengthens partnerships between local communities and their governments to make a joint analysis of what is needed. They can then support local solutions for better nutrition and WASH. Additionally, Right2Grow links civil society organisations, the private sector, and all levels of government to bridge the gaps between them. Building on meaningful community involvement and ownership, we can scale up these solutions with an integrated and multisectoral approach. Read news and publications

Our global partners

Right2Grow is a Strategic Partnership between Action Against Hunger, the Centre for Economic Governance and Accountability in Africa (CEGAA), Max Foundation, Save the Children, The Hunger Project and World Vision. With funding from the Dutch Government (Civil Society Strengthening – Power of Voices), Righ2Grow will collaborate with communities, community-based organisations, and civil society organisations in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, South Sudan, and Uganda from 2021-2025.

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